Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our first home!

In my very first blog post, I promised pictures of our house would be coming soon. Well, soon is relative. For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting the pictures, the time has finally come! We were able to get an amazing deal on our house. We're renting a three bedroom, two bathroom, two car garage home for the price of an average apartment. We feel very blessed.

I have three times as much counter space in the kitchen as I did in the Villa!

The blue couch is the "homeward bound couch" mentioned in the last post. The recliner came from Nate's cousins Landon and Julie. Nate's roommate gave him the t.v. because he didn't want to move it. The book shelf and table were left by our landlord. We're great at collecting furniture!

Thanks Grandpa Feuz for making us our dining room table! My mom told us growing up that if we learned to play the piano, someday she would give us one. I didn't know she was serious until she gave this piano to me for a wedding gift!

Our bedroom was a little messy, so I tried to avoid getting the floor in the picture. Haha! Nate's mom gave me the bedset for a shower gift. It was the exact colors we wanted.

Here is our lovely guest room. The couch has a hide-a-bed. Doesn't it look inviting? This was also left by our landlord. Or if you would prefer, we have an air mattress. Come visit us!!! My Grandpa made me the cedar chest for my high school graduation.

This room will eventually be our office once we get a computer desk. The chair also came from Landon and Julie. It is so comfy! We bought the book shelf at a garage sale for less than $10.

Here is the master bath. We found a shower curtain that matches our bedspead! As you can see, my shoe habit is a little out of control...

What a cute deck! I wish we had a porch swing. That's pretty much it for our house. (Well, I didn't take a picture of the other bathroom or our washer and dryer. Oh well.) We love living here. I promise it looks even cuter in person, so plan your next vacation to Bentonville, Arkansas!


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures of your house Laurel. It looks great! The back yard reminds me of Georgia when we went to visit there. I'm glad you have a nice place to live:)

  2. omg, you guys really scored!! Sheesh, I wish there were deals like that in Provo.

  3. I LOVE this place!!! I am so glad you two went for it! You know I think this house may just be like yur internship Laurel, once you're there you are just spolied! LOL I'm glad you two love it so much...I may just have to come out and visit! :)