Sunday, May 25, 2014

8 Months with Twins

I had a bit of writer's block when I sat down to type this month's update. Looking back over the month, everything is a haze of sleeplessness and sickness. I didn't even take one picture the whole month! (The ones I'm including in this post were taken before their 7 month mark or after their 8 month mark.)

Sickness: We've had better days but I have to say my girls are troopers. Even when they are sick, they still try to be happy, loving, and affectionate for at least part of the day. They are sweet girls, I just wish they were healthy girls too! We've dealt with colds, allergies, possible asthma, ear infections, chronic congestion, and fevers for the girls. Nate's allergies have been terrible and did I mention I'm fighting off a bout of mastitis? Seriously, who gets mastitis after nursing for 8 months and never having a problem? I'm ready for a new month and one that doesn't include sickness!

They are big fans of splashing in the water and eating the bubbles.

The Cute Factor: I hate to sound dreary, so let's talk about how cute my babies are! I have a mother's biased opinion of course, but everywhere we go, everyone tells us they are so cute so it must be true. In some ways they change and look different everyday while in other ways they look exactly like they did the day they were born. It's weird.

Undeniably cute!

Mobile: Both girls are cruising all around the living room these days. They each have their own style for getting about. Lydia lunges from a crawling position then pulls her knees back up under her and lunges again while Eden rolls to her side, pushes forward with her feet, then rolls to the other side and pushes forward with her feet again. A little non-traditional crawling but they get from point A to point B a little too quickly for my liking!

They say three is a crowd but things often get crowded with these two.

Firsts: We took the girls to the park for the first time. Eden loved the swing and Lydia just looked like she had motion sickness! We also took them to their first Naturals baseball game. It was a fun evening and they enjoyed all the people watching. They still don't have their first teeth which is fine by me. They manage to chomp down solid food just fine with their gums.

First masterpiece! They will definitely be accomplished pianists!
All of us are currently taking different cocktails of antibiotics, otc drugs, pro-biotics, inhalers, and essential oils for good measure. We have a busy month ahead of us with family coming to visit and lots of fun things planned so I'm praying we'll all be healthy enough to enjoy it!