Thursday, June 6, 2013

Growth Spurt

Hello 22 week baby belly! I'm pretty sure these babies are getting bigger by the minute. But no complaints here; I'm just happy they are healthy and growing. They are quite active these days as well. Nate got to feel one of them kicking the other day. He thought that was pretty cool and I'm pretty sure we have two soccer stars on our hands. Which is no surprise considering Nate and I are their parents :) Our next ultrasound is in a couple of weeks, so we're excited to be able to see them again and make sure they are still both girls! One of them was a bit stubborn last time so we're only 80% sure she's a girl.

Nate set up both the cribs the other day. I get scared every time I open the door and see two cribs! I can practically see two little girls sleeping (I hope sleeping, not screaming) and start to panic a bit. 

I have to admit, its been quite fun to bargain shop for the babies. We got one crib from our neighbor, one from Craigslist, and Alyssa got the changing table for us for free from someone at church! Wahoo! Are they all cutesy and matchy? Nope, but I'm pretty sure the babies won't notice or mind. It's been almost addicting to find deals everywhere from to consignment sales. I've even started keeping a spreadsheet of our baby purchases and I can't help but brag. We've  spent $378.50 as opposed to $1242 if we would have bought new or full price of the same items. That's a total savings of $863.50! I'm practicing my frugal skills that I am sure will come in handy while raising twins.