Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kickin' It In The South

Nate and I have been making an effort lately to be more involved with the ward and community. One of our latest endeavors involved playing on a kickball team with my co-workers. We discovered that kickball down south is a little bit different than in Utah. When a team is at bat, they sit in the dugout and drink something in plastic cups that doesn't smell like Kool-Aid. When a team is in the outfield, they bring their cups with them. (Not my team, of course. We're health coaches.) As the night goes on, more and more balls that should have been caught are dropped, less kickers are actually making contact with the ball, and more wild throws to who knows where are seen. You'd think that being the only sober team in the league would give us an advantage. Sadly, I can't say we were the most athletically inclined team, and we had a problem with getting enough men to show up. However, we still split our wins and losses pretty equally.

The one thing we did have going for us was STYLE!

Last year my team decided to wear costumes because they didn't have enough players with just the employees; they needed to disguises underage players. Everyone in the league thought it was fantastic, so this year a Pageantry Bowl was created for the best dressed teams. Naturally, ours was included and we played for the Tiara of Awesomeness. And while we were obviously the more awesome team, the other team did win the game and the Tiara. We're looking forward to claiming it next year!