Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nate Can Rent a Car

A quarter of a century. Wow! My husband has been around for a long time. Not really, but I still like to tease him about it. In order to draw out the celebration and make life more exciting, we decided a proper birthday should consist of several days of festivities. His birthday was a week ago, but we still have plans for continued celebration! Events have and will consist of: eating Thai food, going to the movies, watching basketball, making pottery (Nate is really good at this) eating tacos and pie with friends, eating teriyaki chicken with Bryson and Alyssa, opening gifts, and going to the dirt race car track. Perhaps you noticed that several of the events consisted of eating delicious meals. If you know Nate at all, this probably won’t surprise you. If we get bored in the next month or so, we may add in some more celebrations in the name of Nate’s birthday. How long can we make a birthday last???

Here's a picture of Nate opening a present from his parents. I was informed that this is how a man opens a present.