Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Dose of Humility

I consider myself a confident, talented person most of the time. But every so often it's good for me to suck at something to keep me humble. My latest dose of humility came over Christmas break when we went downhill skiing. I've water skied and cross country skied, but despite living in Utah for 4 years, I had never hit the slopes. Number one, I was a poor college student and too cheap to spend the cash and number two, I was probably too prideful to do something I'd never done before that was sure to involve a lot of falling down. Nate convinced me to swallow my pride and go skiing with him, my dad, and my cousin. We had a lot of fun, but I will say I did have to do quite a bit of swallowing! I was so afraid of falling down and people laughing at me. Well, I quickly broke the ice on that one and fell off the chair lift at the top of the bunny hill. I learned to get over my fear and embarrassment pretty quickly after that. My dad and Nate did a good job teaching me the basics and more importantly picking me up when I fell, literally! (I was certainly glad my dad was nearby when I tumbled off a catwalk and landed upside down in 3 feet of snow!) I was surprised at how fast I picked it up and improved. My last run of the day, I made it all the way down the hill without falling. We had a blast and I'm sure we'll go again the next time we're in Utah during the winter. 

 This was the first year we were home for Christmas since we've been married. I was excited to introduce all my family traditions to Nate. Although, due to various circumstances we nearly threw our Christmas Eve traditions out the window and ate at Chuck-a-Rama. Fortunately, they were closed and we had to fall back on tradition. In addition to spending time with my immediate family, we were able to see many extended family members from both sides. It was super cold and snowy (especially coming from Arkansas!) but we embraced that by skiing and snowmobiling and avoided it by going to Les Miserable and The Hobbit and sipping cocoa in a warm house! We had a wonderful Christmas break and hope all of you enjoyed your holidays as well.