Saturday, November 17, 2012

Halloween Happenings

Do you remember as a kid going trick or treating and hating when someone gave you a box of raisins instead of candy? You tried to smile and say thank you, but really you were wishing for one more piece of rich, delicious confectionery that would lead to canker sours, cavities, and obesity. Now that I am older and wiser (and work in the healthcare field), I quite like the idea of handing out raisins instead of candy. But alas, my thoughts of healthier options for the trick or treaters was one-upped by Nate this year. I had to work Halloween night, so I left Nate to his own devices. When I arrived home, I discovered Nate had un-wired the doorbell, placed a sign on the door inviting the trick or treaters to partake of the goodies in the basket on the door step, and filled that basket with bell peppers and jalapenos from our garden! What lucky children of our neighborhood!

Even though I missed Halloween night, we didn't let the month go by without celebrating the holiday. Our friends hosted a Werewolf party a couple weeks before Halloween. I haven't played that game in a long time, so that was definitely a fun night. It was also fun to be able to dress up in costumes. Nate and I have actually never dressed up for Halloween or done much to celebrate in years past, so it was about time. We went as a flapper girl and 1920s gentleman.

We also spent a night waiting 2 hours in line in the cold for zombie hunting. Definitely worth it. Shooting at unarmed zombies? Now that's my kind of paintballing. No bruises or welts for me. Although, I do hope they paid those poor zombies more than minimum wage!

The gang before the hunt