Friday, February 3, 2017

2017 Holiday Season

Wow, is it really 2017 already!?!? We've had another great year and especially enjoyed our holiday season. We were able to fly to Seattle for Thanksgiving to spend a week with Nathan's parents. This trip was different than most of our others in that it was just us and Stan and Lisa there. The rest of the family wasn't able to make it. While we definitely missed them all, we also really enjoyed spending uncontested, quality time with Grandma and Grandpa. The girls were so excited for our trip, but I think Gramma may have been even more excited! We had such a good time. Highlights included cutting down a Christmas tree, helping decorate for Christmas, baking cookies, riding the carousel, attending the snowflake parade, watching Christmas movies, and spending all day with Gramma and Papa! As always, the trip was over way too quickly and we already miss them. I especially miss that the girls like to wake up Grandma in the morning rather than Mama! This was Adeline's first flying experience, which feels strange since the twins were pro's by this age. The flight out there she was "that baby". You know the one on every flight who screams and cries? Yep, that was her. To be fair it wasn't her fault. We had woken up at 4:00 AM to catch our flight and she was so tired! She fell asleep right away which was great, but of course,10 minutes later the lady next me had to get up to use the restroom and jostled her awake. It was all down hill from there.  Fortunately, the way home went much better and we avoided tears on her part and mine!
The girls were very curious about this tree cutting business

Tree farm fun

Pictures with Santa in the mall

Can you tell Eden was excited?

Carousel with Gramma

Soon after we got home, my mom was able to come and visit! My brother, Ryan, moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma so she and my Dad came to help him with the move. Mom made the 3 hour drive over to Rogers while Dad stayed to help with construction. We loved having Mimi for a few days! We were able to ride a Christmas train while she was here. I've always wanted to ride the Polar Express, drink cocoa, eat cookies, see Santa, the works. Unfortunately, I started coming down with a stomach bug right about then and did not get to enjoy it very much. Luckily, the girls and Mimi had a great time! I spent the next day, lying in bed being miserable. I was so grateful my mom was here to take care of my family while I recouped. Once I was feeling better we were able to tie quilts for Eden and Lydia's beds. I made the quilt tops last summer when I was in Utah. We didn't have time to bind them, so I may put it off long enough that I have to take them with me to Utah this summer to finally finish them! The girls also had their first ballet recital. It was so stinking cute. I about started crying from amusement and pride!
Meeting Santa and the trainstation

Christmas train selfie

Our graceful ballerinas

Candyland with Mimi

Next, we were able to head to Stillwater for the weekend. Mom, Dad, and Shane were all there to help Ryan. His new house was a true fixer upper. Nate helped lay floor, paint, build fences, install appliances. The girls and I were of no help, but we didn't want to miss the party! We did talk my mom into taking a break from texturing walls to check out the Wondertorium which turned out to be a great Children's museum. The girls had a ball! We were sad to leave after only a weekend, but Shane was able to come back with us for a few days. I'm sure he was bored out of his mind just hanging out with me and girls all day, but he didn't complain. Eden and Lydia talked him into several rounds of hide and seek. He discovered that you can hide on the couch every time and never move and they still think its great! We went for a swim at the Community Center one evening and it was so nice to have an even ratio of adults to kids. Man, I miss that! We also stayed up late philosophizing, eating popcorn, and watching terrible Christmas movies. Good times!

"Dad, you're squeezing too tight!"

They loved pretending to give the babies checkups at the children's museum

The girls got to meet Mrs. Clause and decorate cupcakes at the Wondertorium

Making treats with Uncle Shane

A few day before Christmas, Shane flew home. We haven't stayed home for Christmas for probably 5 years. I was really excited to avoid the stress of travel and enjoy a quiet Christmas at home. (Who was I kidding? With our three girls, quiet is not a word used to describe our home!) Christmas Eve did not really go according to plan and was a bit of a bust with weeping and wailing maybe even nashing of teeth throughout the day. But we had a delicious lasagna dinner, told the story of Jesus Christ's birth, put on new pajamas, and spent time together so it was still a win. Christmas morning my cinnamon rolls were also a bit of a bust (my yeast was bad and they didn't raise as much as they should have.) but with all that butter and sugar and yummy cream cheese frosting, they still were gobbled up. Our plan was to open Santa gifts, eat breakfast, go to church, and then open the rest of the gifts. The morning went mostly according to plan except Lydia refused to even look at her gifts from Santa and was in tears because she was hungry. "My body hurts! I need to eat some breakfast!!!" So we rearranged and ate breakfast first and then opened Santa gifts. Eden and Lydia both got new strollers for their baby dolls and were in heaven! Adeline mostly just loved the wrapping paper. After all the gifts, we had a delicious baby back rib dinner made in my new Instant Pot I got for Christmas. This thing is magical! If you don't have one, put it on your wish list for next Christmas. My ribs were fall off the bone tender in just over 20 minutes!
New jammies for Christmas Eve

I made Nate a new pajama shirt with this quote from his favorite Christmas movie

Oh how I love making Mommy and me outfits!

New books for all to read

For New Years, we were able to go back to Ryan and Courtney's place. The kids enjoyed playing with cousin Carter, and Nate was able to help with some more construction. We had quite the feast for our New Year's Eve party with eggnog milk shakes, crepes with a variety of toppings, chips and dip, and fried mini corn dogs. But we're old and boring and didn't even make it to midnight. We tried but ended up going to bed instead. Somehow I managed to not get any pictures of our weekend. We're so excited to have more family living close by and hope to see them often! 

Other Christmas time fun included ice skating, taking the kids to see the movie Moana, and having a fondue party. We had a busy holiday season, and feel extremely blessed that we were able to spend so much of our time with our family. 
Enjoying the new tea set from Gramma

Did I mention we loved having a 65 degree Christmas?

We took the girls "ice dancing"

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Adeline 10 Months

As the third child in my family, I often wondered why there were less pictures of me as a baby than my older siblings and why my baby book was only half-way filled out. I wonder no more. I feel so bad that I haven't kept up on monthly updates with Adeline like I did for the girls. But Adeline, if you're reading this someday, it doesn't mean I love you any less! Life as a mom of three is so busy and while I often think of sitting down to write a blog post, I rarely find the time to do so. Anyway, we love our sweet girl and it's about time I wrote an update on her!

Adeline is our string bean. She is around the 75th percentile for height while only the 9th percentile for weight. At her last checkup in December, I believe she was 28.5 inches and 15 lbs 14.5 oz. You would think I'm not feeding her but this girl out eats her sisters most days and some days even her mother! She's never been a fan of baby food and so she eats what we eat. She has 8 teeth and has no problem eating just about everything, the only problem is once she tastes something she really likes, she spits out all other food and will only eat her favorite. For instance, she loves oranges and I've learned I have to hide them from her until she's finished the rest of her meal. If she even sees an orange, she starts yelling and flapping her arms and throwing food off her tray until she gets one. She's still breastfeeding as well and I plan to continue on for at least a few more months. I weaned the girls at 16 months which worked out well, so I'll probably do about the same for her.

This girl is a mover! She had no interest in crawling and didn't even attempt to move other than rolling around until the last 6 weeks or so. And now she's discovered the joy of getting wherever she wants and is unstoppable! She army crawls everywhere, and if I can't find her, chances are she's going to be in the kitchen moving Ollie's dog food from the dish into the water. Everytime!
Come back Mom!

Up until this point, Adeline has been somewhat of a "high needs" baby. She constantly wanted to be held and carried around, she liked comfort nursing, she always wanted to be in the room with mom, she didn't sleep through the night, she wouldn't take a bottle or binkie, and was just happiest snuggled up with Mom. Come to think of it, most of those things are still true, but it seems like she's rounded a bend since becoming mobile and is becoming much more independent. While some would say she's been a "difficult" baby, I would disagree. She's always been a happy baby, so long as her (sometimes demanding) needs were met. She is just the sweetest little girl and we adore her! It's going to be a sad day when she doesn't want to snuggle me anymore. The only thing I won't miss about the snuggles are the bites! I don't know why, but she's always been a biter, but only to me. When I'm holding her, she'll just randomly bite my neck or shoulder. Hopefully, she grows out of that. She does give kisses now though! Big, open mouth, slobbery kisses! She also likes to pat me on the back (just like I do to her) when I hold her. It's so sweet.

Man, I love these girls!
It's hard to believe our little Adeline's birthday is just around the corner. Please slow down!
Snuggles with Daddy's head

She makes this face and clenches her fists all the time. It's hilarious!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Twins turn 3!

It's hard to believe it's been over three years since we became parents to these two beautiful girls! It's strange how I went from crying myself to sleep because I wanted to be a mother so badly, to crying because I never got any sleep with baby twins, to crying because my babies are now three years old. Why is there so much crying involved in motherhood?!?!?

Eden and Lydia had a great birthday. Nate and I took them to Chick-fil-A for lunch and opened some presents there. I made them Anna and Elsa dresses and we gave them a couple DVDs. They also requested to go mini golfing. They had never been before but had seen it on a show and kept asking to go. So we invited our cousins and hit the green. Let's just say the coordination left much to be desired, but they had so much fun! Afterwards we had cake and ice cream. They were very specific about what kind of cakes they wanted so I had to make two separate ones for the first time. Eden requested a "purple chocolate cake with purple finkles (sprinkles)" and Lydia wanted a "strawberry pink cake."

Eden is such a "big sister." Some may classify her as bossy, but I like to think of her as a leader. She likes to choose where we go or what music we listen to or what game she and Lydia will play. Usually, Lydia will go along with what she says, but every once in a while Lydia chooses something different and then we're in for the ultimate battle of wills! Eden is very confident and a daredevil. She's not afraid to try new things and even when she fails, it doesn't seem to phase her. She looks up to her older cousin Chloe and strives to do everything she can do. She loves playing with her umbrella and wearing her favorite costumes (or nothing at all).

She just couldn't leave the house without her crown!

Lydia is such a sweet little girl. She loves to help me with Adeline and be a little mother. Even though Eden is more of the "leader" Lydia is more of the "mother." Every morning she gets herself dressed and then picks some matching clothes for Eden to wear and lays them out on the floor for her. She enjoys learning and is constantly repeating the nursery rhymes and songs she knows. I think she'll have a beautiful singing voice like her Aunt Kaley. She's more timid when it comes to things outside her comfort zone. For instance, if we go to a new park and there is a tricky ladder, she prefers to watch Eden go first before trying it herself. But once she convinces herself to try something, she's just as adventurous as her sister. She loves playing with her baby and setting up pretend picnics.

Helping push Adeline in her swing at the park

Both girls are doing ballet this year and absolutely love it! I'm excited to see their recital in December. It will be a hoot! They also enjoy playing soccer with their Daddy. In the summer, Nate took them to the fields to play once a week. They are well on their way to being super stars! Swimming, playing at the park, exploring the Amazeum, having tea parties, playing Candy Land with mom, and playing hide and seek with Dad are some of their other favorites. Side note: they are terrible at hide and seek which makes it HILARIOUS to watch. We love our Eden and Lydia!!!

Singing in the rain

First day of ballet

Helping Daddy wash the car