Wednesday, May 27, 2015

20 Month Update: Where has the Time Gone?!?!

I've been meaning to do an update on the girls for months and just haven't gotten around to it. I didn't document when they started walking, their first words and sentences, I have no idea how many teeth they have or how tall they are. Sigh, I'm afraid life has gotten busy and the milestones are just flying by. Luckily, I'm somewhat of a laid back person, and I won't feel too guilty about "missing" the milestones, because trust me, I didn't miss them. I'm right in the thick of the action! I just may not get around to documenting everything. I'll just do my best to catch up on the big things in this post.

The girls are now 20 months old! It is crazy to think they are now closer to two than one. What has happened to my babies? How did they become rambunctious toddlers overnight? Like most kids their age, they love running, exploring new things, and playing silly games. They absolutely love going to the park and we are there at least three times a week. Eden will sit in the swing for hours (no joke) and frantically shake her head "no" if you try to take her out. Park time would be way too easy if Lydia liked the swings as well, but alas, she hates them! She prefers to wander around and follow the birds in the grass. So I divide my time between pushing Eden and chasing Lydia when her wandering takes her to the road. At home they like swimming in the sand, taking Ollie for walks, playing with playdough, watching Daniel Tiger, jumping on the bed, reading stories, rocking their babies, blowing bubbles, and drawing with sidewalk chalk.

Eden has taken the role of older sister to heart. She is very concerned about Lydia. If I hand Eden a treat, she immediately says, "Sissy!" and wants me to hand her another one to give to her sister. When we pull clothes out of the dresser she says, "Sissy!" and wants to grab Lydia's clothes a well. When I ask her which high chair she wants to sit in, instead of choosing one for herself, she points to one and says, "Sissy!" Eden has become very particular about which carseat, which side of the stroller, and which high chair she sits in. Luckily, Lydia doesn't care at all or we could have some serious fights on our hands! Eden also loves to run everywhere. She rarely walks anywhere these days, so it's always an adventure keeping up with her, especially because Lydia is more a stop and smell the roses kind of girl. When we go for walks outside Eden usually runs ahead and then realizes Lydia is lagging behind staring at a cat or something so she runs back yelling "Sissy" and grabs Lydia's hand to pull her along. Eden's favorite toys are her baby and her stuffed animals. Not sure on her stats now, but at her 18 month appointment she was 19 pounds.

Eden loves wearing Mommy's shoes and does surprisingly well walking in them

Lydia is still my smiley, affectionate girl. She loves to give hugs and kisses and tease her Momma by not giving hugs and kisses when she asks for them. She is pretty laid back most of the time. She hates wearing shoes and socks and always pulls them off the first chance she gets. She does have chubby feet so I imagine it's not very comfortable stuffing them inside her shoes. She does however, love toting her socks around with her. Ever since she was a baby, she's loved socks! Lydia is a great sleeper. She would probably sleep in every morning and take a nice long nap every afternoon if Eden would let her. Eden is ALWAYS the first one up. I used to try to get her out of the room before she could wake Lydia, but it didn't really matter because as soon as Eden realized she was playing alone she went and pounded on the door calling for her sister to come play! Life would be too easy if we had two Lydia sleepers! Lydia loves reading books. She has become quite a little parrot and will try to repeat all the words if you read them slow enough. Lydia's favorite toys are her baby and her princess Little People. At her 18 month appointment she was 23 pounds.

Both girls are relatively good eaters. Eden is definitely pickier though. I refuse to short order cook, so they get to eat whatever we're eating. I try not to panic when they refuse to eat something because I know they're not going to starve and eventually they will eat. If I'm really desperate, I'll put Daniel Tiger on and I can sneak all sorts of food into their mouths when they become engrossed in the show! Luckily, they eat most things we give them. I finally weaned them both a few months ago as my birthday gift to myself. When we first started breastfeeding, I never dreamed in a million years that we would make it 16 months! I'm going to go ahead and give myself a pat on the back for that accomplishment :) I was definitely ready to be done though (You know its time when they can say "Thank you, Mommy" when they finish nursing!) and the girls seemed to be ready as well, as they made the transition to whole milk in sippy cups really easily.

Unfortunately, they both like picking their noses!

It amazes me, how fast they are learning. They say new words everyday and have even started stringing them together. They love talking about animas and making their different noises. They love learning new songs especially the ones with fun actions. I feel like I should be better at introducing letters, numbers, and colors and things just because they are at the stage when they are soaking up everything like a sponge! However, I don't aspire to create child prodigies who can read by the time they are two so we'll get to those things eventually. Right now we're all just enjoying spending everyday together doing fun things and exploring the world around us!

They like learning about their body. Their favorite parts to say and point to are eyes, ears, mouth, nose, toes, and of course BELLY BUTTON!

Did I mention they love their babies?

Ice cream is their favorite treat

Family Hike in Devil's Den