Sunday, September 18, 2011

Did You Know????

I'm a big believer in lifelong learning and education. My quest for knowledge has led me to ten interesting discoveries lately.
1. Did you know Chuck Norris writes adult Christian fiction books? It's true: I saw them in the library the other day. You may ask, what does he write about? Naturally, God fearing Texas rangers from the 1800s. 
2. Did you know there is such a thing as golden raisins? This discovery was more of a duh moment for me. A couple of weeks ago we went for a strenuous eight mile hike, and as I was sitting on a rock munching away on my trail mix, I was startled to realize my raisins were golden! And then it hit me, of course they make raisins out of green grapes and not just the purple ones. 
3. Did you know that when you buy a house and the fridge comes with it, there is probably a reason it was left behind and that reason wasn't to be nice? When we bought our house we were thrilled that we could save some money by not having to buy a fridge. This thrill soon turned to bitter disappointment whenever I would attempt to crack an egg or pour a glass of milk only to discover they were frozen! Adjusting the temperature only resulted in melted ice cream in the freezer which is quite frankly unacceptable in my book. The good news is after combining several offers we saved 25% on our brand new fridge from Lowes! 
4. Did you know that after a year of marriage, you're considered a menace to society if you have not multiplied and replenished the earth? 
5. Did you know that they make shower handles that require you to be large, green, and named the Hulk to turn on? Yes, that's right; our shower handle demands brute strength to operate. At first, I feared I would be doomed to sponge bathing in the sink until we could buy a new handle. Upon checking the prices of such a project, I decide to lift some weights instead. I can now successfully turn on the shower. I tell you this because I don't want anyone to feel pathetic when they stay at my house and are unable to operate the shower. 
6. Did you know that when you try to buy a car with cash from a dealership, they will look at you like you are stupid and proceed to tell you about their "awesome finance plan"? What has our society come to when you are considered the dumb one for trying to stay out of debt? We haven't found the right car yet so keep your eyes open for us!
7. Did you know that the crowd will let out a cry of disappointment if you sprint to the finish line of a race and pass a 12 year old boy in the last second? Nate does. 
8. Did you know that football season can actually be a wonderful time in your marriage? I didn't last year but have discovered the secret this year: compromise! We now spend four hours on Saturday morning doing whatever I want and then, Nate spends four hours watching his game while I spend four hours still doing whatever I want! Win-win!
9. Did you know that you're mother was right? At least mine was when she told me all those years to practice the piano because someday I'd have to do it in church. Well, I guess she was only partially right because I'll be playing the organ. I really should have listened to her. I wonder what else I'll discover she was right about? 
10. Did you know that they call men to be nursery leaders at church? Yep, Nate will be in the nursery starting next Sunday as will I. I know what you're all thinking: how cute! A couple's calling in the nursery! But will this serve as encouragement to have kids or as a good form of birth control? Only time will tell..... 

Doing a little fist pumping on the morning of our Labor Day 5k. Nate was pretty proud of his victory over the child.