Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Day in the Life with Twin Toddlers

It's been just over a year since I did a "Day in the life" blog post and I thought it would be fun to do another one to record what life really looks like most days for us. Of course, there is no such thing as a "normal" day around here but here's a chronicle of A day. This was yesterday, and it was actually a really good day!

6:30 AM Nathan wakes up and gets ready for work. He leaves around 7 and I stay in bed hoping for a few more precious minutes of sleep. Usually the girls are up around 7:15 but ever since the time change they've been sleeping in a bit!

8:00 AM Eden starts fussing and I drag myself out of bed. Good morning hugs and kisses and diaper changes for both girls. Then I start making breakfast. Eden plays in the living room while Lydia sits at my feat and cries. Apparently, she's got some "hanger" going on.

8:30 AM Breakfast! This morning it's scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa, tortillas, milk, and bananas. The girls can be picky about eating but generally speaking, they love breakfast and eat really well for that meal. Even when they love their food, they still also love gravity and a lot of food ends up on the floor! Ollie eagerly awaits the scraps.

9:00 AM Wash the girls off and clean up from breakfast. Get the girls dressed for the day.

9:30 AM Give Ollie a bath. Half the food the girls dropped at breakfast ended up in his hair.  The girls like to help scrub him in the tub. Now the tub is dirty so I guess I better clean it. After cleaning the tub I realize, it's been a while since I've cleaned the bathroom so I might as well do the whole thing. Once again, the girls like "helping." I'm glad I bought some of the "natural" cleaners that are supposed to be safer around kids since the girls like to be a part of everything I do. Now, that I'm in bathroom cleaning mode I decide to clean the master bathroom too. The girls are tired of helping by this point, so they just pull all of Mommy's shoes off the rack instead.

10:00 AM Get myself dressed for the day.

10:15 AM Load the girls up in the stroller to go play at a friend's house. My friend Emily lives a few blocks away, and it is a beautiful day, so we walk there. Her little boy is about a month older than the girls, and she watches another friend's daughter who is also a few months older so the four of them have a lot of fun playing together.

10:30-12:00 PM It is a gorgeous day so the kids play outside while Emily and I visit and soak up the sun!

12:00 PM Emily makes us all a delicious lunch. Chicken fried rice, mandarin oranges, pineapple. The kids all sit at the table like little grown ups and make a terrible mess, but they are happy and eating their food so it's all good!

12:45 PM Help clean up from lunch. Load the girls back up in the stroller and head home. Get home and realize Lydia threw a shoe overboard! Retrace steps and find it a block a way. Get home in time to say goodbye to Daddy who had come home to spray the weeds on his lunch break

1:15 PM Change diapers and sing some songs to get the girls ready for naptime. Lay them down in their cribs and leave the room. Eden starts screaming. (Shocker! She's been on a nap strike lately.) I go back in a couple of times until she is calmed down and starts to drift off.

1:45 PM Naptime is usually sewing time for me. My Etsy shop keeps me busy. Today I'm working on a Minnie Mouse dress and a pair of pajamas.

2:50 PM Eden starts crying. I get to a stopping point with the sewing and get her out of her crib. Lydia is still snoozing so I leave her in the bedroom. Eden does not like this and keeps going to the bedroom door and pounding on it to wake sister.

3:00 PM Lydia wakes up. I change both their diapers. Lydia throws a fit when I make her put her binkie away but she gets over it as soon as I tell her it's snack time! I give them each a snack cup with captain crunch.  (Don't Judge!) While they eat their snacks, I gather up everything to go run some errands. Lydia throws another fit when she dumps her snack on the floor and Ollie eats it. I get her some more and put her in her carseat. Now Eden throws a fit because she wants to give  Ollie a bone before we leave. I buckle a crying Eden in her carseat and hand her her blankie and Lambie and she calms down.

3:20 PM And we're off on our errands! Post office, Hobby Lobby, and Wal-Mart. Highlights from the trip: 1. Bribing the girls by letting them ring the bell at the fabric counter at Hobby Lobby about 20 times each. 2. Bribing them at Wal-Mart with free cookies from the bakery 3. Bribing them with the veggie pouches in the cart at Wal-Mart. Are you seeing a theme here? 4. Cleaning up the puree from said veggie pouches that Eden squirted all over the groceries. 5. Smelling a suspicious odor from Lydia and then realizing I forgot to bring the diaper bag. All in all we had a very successful errand run!

4:50 PM Get home and unload the groceries. Our 8 year old neighbor is playing outside and wants to blow bubbles with the girls for a bit.

5:00 PM Come inside and Skype with Grandma! Now is usually when I would be making dinner but we are having dinner with friends tonight to celebrate Nate's birthday! Hooray for not having to cook dinner.

5:40 PM Load up in the car again and head to meet Daddy for dinner at our friends' house.

6:00 PM Yummy tacos, beans, and rice for dinner. The girls LOVE refried beans. Caramel pudding cake and ice cream for dessert. On a normal night, after dinner the girls play in the bathtub for quite a while. They they get in their PJs, we read a bible story, sing some songs and they go to bed around 7:15. But tonight's a party night :)

8:15 Get home, dress girls in pjs, and lay them in their cribs. Lydia goes right to sleep but Eden has been having a rough time falling asleep recently. She's fine if I'm in the room but she gets really upset when I leave. We've started leaving the door open when we leave and that seems to help her but I still end up going back in her room a few times before she stops crying and falls asleep.

8:45 Both girls are asleep. Nate and I sit down and watch an episode of the Walking Dead.

10:00 I work on sewing some more of my Etsy orders. Nate does some studying for an upcoming certification exam

11:00 BEDTIME!

And that's it. Just another day in paradise. Even if I didn't fit in a shower today, it's still a pretty good day!

1:45 AM Eden wakes up crying. Ugh, guess I better get out of bed.......