Friday, August 27, 2010

The tale of the job, the redneck jamboree, and the homeward bound couch

Much has happened in the Shepherd household since the defeat of the ants. Our first big news is I finally found something to do to fill my day besides watching Gilmore Girls and reading cookbooks. (Not that I didn’t love that, but apparently there was a rumor floating around that I was becoming a bum!) It’s called a job! I am working for a health behavior change organization down in Fayetteville . I feel like quite the adult now that I am a commuter. (30 minute drive) Eventually I’ll be working as a personal health coach. I’ll help participants lose weight, manage chronic diseases, quit smoking, etc. I won’t start that until October. In the meantime, I am an engagement specialist. Sounds impressive but really just means the annoying girl who calls your home 45 times. The companies we’re partnered with provide me with a list of their employees covered under insurance, and I get to call them and tell them they are unhealthy and should enroll in our program. I’m kind of like a salesperson except I’m not selling anything. The program is free for participants because their employers pay us. I mostly talk to answering machines all day, but yesterday I talked to a woman we have been trying to reach since 2008. Not only did I talk to her, but I enrolled her! Quite the accomplishment. The amazing thing is she had no idea who we were. Really? You didn’t hear the 38 messages we’ve left you over the last two years?

Second, Nate found his new favorite form of entertainment: demolition derby/redneck spotting! We decided to check out the local hot spots so we went down to the rodeo grounds in Springdale for the demolition derby. First thing we noticed was the rule seemed to be shirts and teeth are not required, however, beer is. I liked watching the crowd. Nate liked watching the cars start on fire. He’s already looking for another derby to go to. He’ll need to grow out his facial hair a bit to fit in better next time.

Finally, we found a couch on our doorstep. Some friends of ours in the ward offered to give us one of their old couches. Neither of us had a way to transport it so it’s been waiting for us in their garage for the last month. The other day, we opened the door and there she be! Just sitting there waiting to be brought into our home and loved. We’re not really sure when it got there or how it got there. It found its way home somehow and we love it.


  1. Sounds like things are AWESOME! I love Demo Derbies too - but there is nothing like people watching, especially redneck people watching! HUGS!

  2. Life is great Laurel! Glad you are enjoying it.