Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Have you seen a carpenter ant? How about 500 or so of them crawling around your house? No? That could easily be remedied if you lived in Arkansas. Shortly after we moved in, we found ourselves in a plague of carpenter ants. These aren't regular ants either. We're talking sumo wrestler ants! We found some pest killer in the garage that our landlord had left us, but in reading the label, we were disappointed to find that it killed every kind of ant known to man EXCEPT carpenter ants. It soon became a battle of Nate vs. the ants. He bought some new killer and here is a picture of the results.

Nate found where they were sneaking into our house and sprayed it down with ant poison. We soon found at least 100 of them dead on the floor. Nate swept them up and proudly took a picture to document his victory! I still find a couple of lone ants here and there, but for the most part they have retreated, and we have reclaimed our home. Nate: 1 Ants: 0. What an impressive husband!

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