Friday, September 24, 2010

...If You Can't Tell, Why Should We?

Before we moved, Nate told me there was a place out in Arkansas that was just like my beloved Creamery on 9th, but I refused to believe him. I was sure that no where could compare. Well, I’m here to tell you that I was wrong!

I have substituted The Creamery on 9th with Braum’s on Walton! Braum’s is very similar to the Creamery. There is a restaurant portion with burgers, fries, and of course, a delicious array of ice cream. And then there is a grocery portion. There is even a little produce section that reminds me of my very own produce section back at the Creamery when I was the produce manager. It’s a little smaller, but similar enough to make me feel right at home.

The milk is so thick and creamy. I feel guilty drinking my skim milk because it is so creamy there is no way it is actually skim! Nate loves the thickness of his 2% but that didn’t stop him from trying to sneak a gallon of whole milk into our cart this week. I guess “extra” creamy is just not as good as “way too much fat” creamy. I caught him and made him put it back. The chocolate milk was on sale though so we did get a half gallon. When we got home, Nate poured himself a glass, and next thing I know, I hear him whopping and hollering. I went over to see what all the fuss was about. It looked like he had a melted frosty in his cup; apparently the chocolate milk was made with whole milk! Since he couldn’t get the regular whole milk, Nate accidentally tricked me into getting him whole chocolate milk. It looked disgustingly thick to me, but Nate was grinning ear to ear as he drank it. We will not be purchasing that chocolate milk again.

Other than the chocolate milk (I don’t even feel right calling it milk- the chocolate cream) incident, we have loved all our experiences with Braum’s. The first time I stepped into the store, I felt like I had a piece of home with me.

We conducted a little experiment: which one is the melted frosty and which one is the whole chocolate milk? If you can't tell, why should we?


  1. Laurel....just remember you have a job and can't go to work at this place to replace your longing for the just wouldn't be healthy...

  2. Grateful to be reminded of your zealousness for BYU creamery ice cream and relieved to find you can appease some flavors (other than chocolate b/c of the milk incident and because you hate that flavor of ice cream) at Braums.