Saturday, September 18, 2010

Do You Know You're Lucky?

Many of you who read this blog live in Utah. Do you know what you have? I didn't fully appreciate the value of living in Utah until we moved to Arkansas. There is no such thing as classifieds or anything like unto it out here! Sure they have craigslist but that does not even begin to compare to KSL. If you have never purchased anything on KSL, I urge you to check it out ASAP. You are in for a real treat! You can buy anything from the KSL classifieds. For example: Brianne bought a dining room table and chairs, Kyle and Shara bought a rocking chair, my mom bought a fancy camera, my dad bought a truck, I bought a cell phone, Nate and I won free engagement pictures, my cousin bought her wedding dress, Shane bought Jazz you can see, my family loves KSL! You get great stuff for a fraction of the price. Since there is no KSL here, Nate and I have had to resort to other methods of acquiring worldly possessions. We've been able to gather new items through scavenging neighborhood garage sales, making new friends who want to give us their stuff, paying full price at the store (only as a last resort!), or inheriting Bryson and Alyssa's old stuff. Our latest attainment is an office desk! We had a room designated as out "office" but no desk, so it wasn't really a legitimate office until today! Nate found the desk through a flyer posted on the board at his work. Nate drove a hard bargain and talked the guy down quite a bit on price. We got a great deal, and I was able to feel ALMOST like I was using KSL again!

Other than KSL, we really miss having the temple just down the road. Or for that matter having five temples just down the road! Our temple is in Oklahoma City. It's about a four hour drive plus we have to pay about $19.00 in tolls! (Luckily, we split it with Bryson and Alyssa.) It is a VERY small temple; smaller than any temple I've ever been in. But size or distance makes no difference. The blessings are the same and we are grateful that we are able to go.


  1. What do you mean 'old' stuff? That microwave stand is in ship shape condition :) .. p.s. Laurel you look really tan in the temple pic!

  2. Alyssa- it's true; you didn't really give us any "old" stuff. Thanks!
    Heather- I think it's actually probably the same design as the Fiji temple, but since we were only in the baptistery, I'm not sure

  3. Thanks for the update Laurel. I guess we do take our KSL classifieds for granted. I'm still pretty aware of how lucky we are to live near a temple though. We certainly spent many hours in our past years driving to and from temples. I hope it is a blessing I never take for granted. Glad you got to go to Oklahoma City temple!