Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I had hoped to do monthly updates this year, but perhaps I'll have to settle for seasonal ones instead. We'll see if I can get on track the rest of the year. (Hope no one is crossing their fingers on that one!)

Anyway, we've had a great Spring! The girls have enjoyed many days playing in the sun. We've even busted out the kiddie pool and slip n slide a couple of days. They don't quite get how to use the slip n slide, but fortunately, we live on a hill. I just set it up at the top of the hill and give them a push down! We've also spent many a day at the park. It's so fascinating watching my kids play and see what their imagination comes up with. Anything from trolls to moms to dragons to bakers goes. Eden and Lydia are good playmates (with their fair share of scuffles!) and Adeline tries so hard to keep up and play too. She thinks she's one of the big girls and before I know it, she will be!

I ran the Bentonville half marathon. It had been years since I'd done one, so it was long over due! It felt so good to get back into running. I did my long runs once a week with my friend Courtney and it was such a motivation to have someone counting on me to show up. Plus, its much more enjoyable to have someone to chat with when you're running that long. Race day went really well and I was able to run with two other friends whom I happen to run into at the starting line. Nate and the girls came and cheered me on and the girls have been begging to do a race ever since. We've signed them up for their first 400 Meter Dash next week! As much as I loved running again, since my race a month ago, I've only managed to run once. It's such a challenge to get it in with my kids. I've really got to talk myself into waking up early and doing it!

Nathan has been busy working on our backyard. He has a grand vision and is working hard at it! He rented a mini excavator and dug out an area for our patio and leveled our yard. He had so much fun, more fun that an amusement park according to him! It's still a long ways off, but eventually, it is going to look so nice! I've been working on the landscaping in the back so that's my contribution to The Vision.

Whew! Barely fit. Like a Glove

Easter we had our annual get together with our friends. The egg hunt has gotten massive! I'm pretty sure there were like 1,000 eggs for 15 kids or something ridiculous like that. The kids loved it, of course, and the adults enjoyed a beautiful day picnicking outside, visiting with friends, and celebrating Jesus Christ.

The girls and I have started a new adventure in hair styling. They like to pick a hairdo on Pinterest or YouTube and then I try to replicate. Some days have been more successful than others, but we're having fun doing it. I've found it's a good time to spend one on one time with each of them and talk to them.

We've loved having Ryan, Courtney, and Carter living just 3 hours away now. We've gone to visit them several times and they've come to see us as well. They were able to come for Spring Break and my brother Shane flew in too! 3 of the 6 kids in my family together in Arkansas. Wahoo! It was a party. Also, Nathan had a week long conference in Chicago last week, so the kids and I went for a visit for a few days. It sure is fun and convenient having them close by. 
The only photo I managed to take of our Spring Break fun

The kids love playing in the shop at Uncle Ryan's house
All in all, we've had another busy, fun, blessed spring together as a family. We have lots of fun adventures coming up this summer that we are looking forward to. And perhaps, I may even get around to blogging about said adventures!

Kitchen helpers

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