Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sewing Extravaganza

My sewing machine has been collecting dust since I made myself a maternity skirt a year ago. The girls have been napping relatively well lately so I decided I needed to find something to do while they sleep to get me out of my normal housework :) So, I decided it was about time I made something for my babies. Plus, my mother in law is in town and I wanted her to think her son married a talented woman. 

First, I made a new car seat cover. We had one cover that was purple and the other one that was brown. Everyone thought the baby under the brown cover was a boy. So much for gender neutral. I was so tired of everyone calling Lydia a boy, so I made her a new purple cover. Didn't it turn out cute!?!?!? The sad thing is, I still have people ask me if they are a boy and a girl. Sigh.

Next, I wanted to make them sister outfits. There are all sorts of big/little sister outfits out there, but do you know how hard it is to find a shirt in Eden's size that says Big Sister? I guess most babies aren't a big sister. Rather than spend $40 on a custom outfit from Etsy, I figured I could make my own. So I made these adorable skirts and onesies and it only cost me a couple of bucks each!

Twin Sister Outfits! I love that the Littler Sister is clearly the bigger sister still.
Since I had all my sewing supplies out, I decided I might as well make an extravaganza out of it and sew one more thing. I can't wait for the girls to wear these peasant dresses and bloomers! 

The nice thing about having to sew two of something, is theoretically, I learn my lesson with the first one and don't make as many mistakes with the second one. The bad thing is, by the time I get to the second one, my patience is wearing thin and I make just as many mistakes! Oh well, it's worth it because my girls are just so cute and it was a lot of fun to sew a few things for them. 


  1. The dresses turned out perfect! That was quite the brave endeavor! I haven't mustered up the courage to try dresses yet. To many curves and ruffles. :)

  2. Everything looks great! And it is hard to find "big sibling" outfits. I guess most people space their kids more than 20 months apart....anyways, the smallest big brother stuff I can find is like 3T/4T. Maybe I'll get motivated and make something of my own!

  3. So cute...I love everything you made. I am sure my mom was very impressed :-)

  4. I LOVE everything you made!!!! Especially those girls. Can you even believe you made those adorable little bright-eyed creatures?!?! Awesome. They are gorgeous.

  5. have nothing to prove..I think you are's fun to see all you are doing and always happy to help..Just remember when you can't find the girls you may look at

  6. I'm going to need you to send me the pattern/instructions for that car seat cover. I can't pretend to sew anything as complicated as an outfit, but I think I could handle a few straight lines. :)

  7. That twin sister picture needs to on the internet more. Like, everywhere. They're adorable, the outfits are FANTASTIC and their expressions are darling.

    I remember finding out I was expecting when Azucena was barely ten months old and figured the best way to tell my parents that we were having another baby was to get a "big sister" outfit--and could find nothing smaller than a 2T. Yeesh. You certainly got around that issue, though!