Wednesday, February 26, 2014

5 Month Update for the Twins

The babies are 5 months old! These little sweeties have Mommy and Daddy wrapped around their fingers. Some days, they like to try our patience but then they give a big gummy grin and you can't help but smile back at them. Most of the time they are pretty happy babies and we are enjoying this phase!

I'm pretty sure they have more food on their faces than in their bellies!
Foods: The big milestone this month has been solid foods. I have to say, food is a hit with my girls! They are loving everything we give them....except they don't really seem to enjoy the rice cereal. We've given them "baby food" but we've also given them food off our plate so they can try different textures and tastes. For baby food, they've had green beans, squash, applesauce, blueberry applesauce, MumMum crackers, chicken, and rice cereal. For real food, they've had avocado, sweet potato, cream of wheat, green beans, carrots, tomato, mandarin oranges, black beans, and broccoli. Oh and let's not forget about the sweet treats from Grandma, Peeps and ice cream! So far they are adventurous eaters and I'm hoping that continues and we don't have too much of an issue with pickiness down the road.

Sleep: This month has been a million times better than last month. I feel like we've finally gotten into a good groove again. Last month we were having a constant battle with naps and night time sleep was suffering as well. I don't know if it was just a passing phase or if I did something to fix the problem, but I don't care; I'm just happy because they are sleeping so much better! It's still not perfect, but any and all improvements are a welcome relief. For naps, I've been able to put them back in the same room again but Eden usually wakes up mid-nap at least once a day and I end up moving her into my bedroom so she doesn't bother Lydia. I think its become a game to her. She wakes up, spits her binkie out, lets out a few squawks and stares at the door waiting for me to come in. (If I don't come she starts wailing and wakes Lydia.) She gives me a big smile when I pick her up and then goes back to sleep when I lay down with her for a couple minutes in bed. I know I'm probably forming a bad habit but it gets her back to sleep and pretty soon she won't want to snuggle with me anymore! Lydia has become a much better sleeper now that she has figured out she can roll over and sleep on her belly.

This is what happens when you forget to buckle Lydia into the swing. Thankfully, she didn't roll right out!

They just look so grown up sitting in the recliner
Like I said, they are usually happy girls which makes for a happy momma too! They love to smile, giggle, play patty-cake and peek-a-boo, and sing (aka make squealing noises while I sing). They also love when their daddy holds them up high and takes them on airplane rides. Nate is enjoying that they are not so fragile anymore, and he can play around with them more. They are truly our whole world and we love them so much!

All the Shepherd cousins. I can't believe how big my girls look next to Baby D!

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  1. I love, love, love babies at this age. They start to put on a little baby chub, which makes them adorable, they smile and follow you with their eyes and heads, which is ALSO adorable and they're learning so much about communication and your heart just melts. They're adorable, lady! I'm so happy you're so blessed!