Tuesday, May 14, 2013


We had our full anatomy scan on Thursday and were thrilled and shocked to find out we are having two GIRLS! In my mind, I thought we were having a boy and girl or possibly two boys. I didn't even consider two girls. So much for mother's intuition! Haha. Nate had to warm up to the idea of Daddy-Daughter dances rather than Father-Son campouts as well. ("I hate dances!") Once we got over the initial surprise, we immediately fell in love. We're going to be waist-high in ruffles and bows in just a few short months and couldn't be happier! Those of you with girls, any advice for us??????

18 weeks, 4 days pregnant with twins

Family Photo


  1. 2 girls!! I am so excited for you guys! You will be amazing parents! :)

    Jen Anderson

  2. My advice is to enjoy them and love them. Learn from your mistakes and laugh when you feel like crying. Lucky ladies to have you as their mom! The kids and I will be coming to Arkansas the first two weeks of June to visit my sister and her hubby. They live somewhere near Walmart headquarters cause he works for them. Anyway, it would be fun to visit with you. Ten maybe your hubby can see how much fun little girls will be :)

  3. Lots of pink and purple...bows ,ruffles and nail polish...just ask auntie Kaley..
    Shh....bet daddy is already wrapped around his baby girls fingers

  4. I was just thinking of you this morning...wondering when you would find out....congrats! That will be so fun! (keep the polish under lock and key!)

  5. Hooray, hooray! While they are not twins, we have two daughters (just under 18 months apart) and it's a JOY. And you have FANTASTIC taste in shoes for your daughters already! Congratulations!