Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sewing For Baby Bump

I decided to pretend I'm actually good at sewing today. Maternity clothes can be expensive so I thought I'd try my hand at making a nice knit skirt with a stretchy yoga waist band. It cost me about $8.00 but next time, I'll make sure to use a coupon and hopefully save a bit more on the fabric. This is the tutorial I followed

I've yet to sew something without screwing it up somewhere along the way. I had several blunders today, but I have to say my favorite was when I accidentally sewed the top of the skirt completely together eliminating the hole to step through. I didn't even realize I had done it until I tried to attach the waist band and was startled to discover there was no longer an opening in the skirt! Whoops. It seems I spend a good deal of my sewing time unpicking my seams and fixing my mistakes. Oh well. In the end, it turned out quite cute and I'm certain I can make another one in half time with half the mistakes and hopefully half the price.

See my nice stretchy waist band. I have it folded down in the picture but I can also wear it up over my belly as it grows.

Here's my first baby bump picture at almost 15 weeks pregnant with twins!


  1. Hahaha, I suck at sewing, too, but your end product looks nicer than anything I've ever done! :D

  2. Laurel, that has always been my experience with Sewing. Scott said to me years ago (lots of years) "Do you sew because you think you have to, or do you do it because you enjoy it?...Because you don't have to." haha
    I must say I am super proud of you, and you do an awesome job. I love the babies bumps! So excited for you two.

  3. You look awesome! (I don't think you look pregnant at all, which is amazing for being 4 months along with 2 babies.) Also, I found affordable maternity clothes at JC Penney, Old Navy online, and ROSS. And I'm still so excited for you guys!!!!

  4. Good work! It looks great, you look great, and I am so excited for you!