Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Independence Day in St. Louis

Since the 4th of July was on a Friday this year, we decided we had to take advantage of the long weekend and take a road trip to St. Louis. It's about a 5 hour drive so we hoped if we timed it just right, we would be able to minimize crying and maximize sleeping from the girls! And I must say, they did pretty darn well and slept most of the way there.

We found lots of fun and free things to do in the city. (And you know me, I love FREE!) Friday morning we went to the zoo. We were quite impressed with how nice it was especially since admission is free. I don't know that the girls really cared about seeing the animals, but they enjoyed being outside in their stroller and observing everything. Plus, they were probably the most popular sight at the zoo. I'm pretty sure more people were admiring the twins than the animals on display!

Daddy and Lydi checking out the elephants
That afternoon and evening we went to a huge fair celebrating the 4th of July as well as the 250th birthday for St. Louis. Once again, it was free! There were concerts at the fair and we were able to watch Gavin DeGraw and Matt Nathanson. We also had front row seats to some great people watching including a girl passed out at the trash cans, a drug bust, and a domestic disturbance. Despite the trashy picture I just painted, it really was a family friendly event and we really enjoyed taking the babies to an outdoor concert. We were all pretty tired by this point, so we headed back to the hotel and skipped the fireworks. The girls probably would have been scared of the loud noises anyway. I mean come on, Lydia is terrified of the vacuum. Somehow I don't think she would love the fireworks.
Mommy and the girls enjoying the free concert at the fair
After a long day, Lydia was tuckered out while Eden was still going strong!

Sure wish the car wasn't photobombing my temple picture
Saturday morning, Nate and I took turns going to temple. I was able to go while the girls napped and then Nate went while I walked the girls around the grounds. It worked out perfectly. In the afternoon, we decided we couldn't go to St. Louis and not check out the Arch. We didn't go up, but it was still neat to walk around and see the outside of it.

The journey home wasn't quite as smooth as the journey there. Lydia cried for the first hour while Eden slept. When Lydia finally fell asleep, Eden woke up literally 10 seconds later. I am not even exaggerating! And then it was Eden's turn to be fussy for an hour while her sister slept. All the while, Nate was freaking out because he was trying to listen to the Netherlands World Cup game on the radio and the station kept cutting out. And then, like a Godsend, we spotted a Wal-Mart and decided it was time for a pit stop. We walked around the store for probably an hour and I fed and changed the girls. They were happy to be out of the car for a while and we were happy to not have to listen to their crying. There was a Denny's across the street that we decided to hit for dinner which took another hour. (Wow, this pit stop was turning into an all evening event.) Once again, the girls were a hit at the restaurant. The place was dead so every single waiter, waitress, hostess, busboy, cook, and manager had to come over and ooh and aah at the babies. These girls will have no shortage of self-confidence! When we finally got back on the road, they thankfully slept almost the whole way home, minus the last twenty minutes when we had to stop for gas and they woke up screaming. (Why didn't we fill up with gas during our two-hour pit stop? Beats me. We like to make things a challenge.) Overall, we really enjoyed St. Louis and are eager for another chance to go back as there are still a lot of things to do that we didn't have time for.

The famous Arch

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