Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Third Act

I've officially entered my third trimester! The first trimester brought extreme exhaustion, the second trimester brought terrible heartburn, I'm thinking the third trimester will bring hugeness......
I'm finding all my preconceived notions of what kind of pregnancy and birth I would have are false. First, I never dreamed I'd be pregnant with twins. Second, I thought I'd have a fabulous, natural, water birth. Third, I'd planned to keep up my running through the entire pregnancy. Fourth, I thought I'd work full time up until the day I went into labor. Well, these babies have plans of their own!
We had out latest ultrasound on Tuesday and were excited to see two healthy big girls. One of the babies is in the 90th percentile for growth and the other is not far behind! I'm not kidding when I say hugeness is just around the corner for me. The only bad news is the naughty monkeys have flipped and neither is head down. They still have time to get in the right position, but they'll be running out of space pretty quickly. It seems more likely we will end up having a c-section. In the beginning I was 100% against a c-section but I've found my chi and accepted that it may happen and it won't be the end of the world. Those of you that have had c-sections, any thoughts or advice based on your experience?
As for the running, I said goodbye to that one months ago. I have taken up swimming though, and I have to say it is fabulous! All day long, I feel like a beached whale, but when I'm swimming, I'm just a whale happy to be back in the water. Not only do I feel weightless, but all the strain is taken off of my back and hips and there is no pain or discomfort. Of course, the second I get out of the water, that glorious feeling subsides and I waddle back over to my towel. But for 30 minutes, I feel awesome!
On the work front, I'm still working full time but I've let my employer know I won't be returning after maternity leave. I plan to work through the end of August and wait out the last few weeks at home doing last minute preparations and taking lots of naps :)
Life as we know it is going to change very drastically, very quickly. But I say bring it on!
Here we have the lovely profile of Baby B. What you can't see in this picture is that Baby A keeps kicking her in the face; hence, she has to raise her little fist to protect herself!

Here's Baby A's foot. She didn't pose very well for a face shot, but  a foot picture is cool too. 


  1. A girl in our last ward was pregnant with twins with a due date in late September. She ended up having her babies in early August but until then, she went down to the pool every single day and swam for at least an hour. I think you're definitely on the right track to stay comfortable!
    The only advice I can offer for the c-section is that you get a blessing beforehand so that you can stay calm and peaceful.

  2. I haven't had a c-section either, but I think the main difference is that recovery just takes longer. As crazy as it sounds, cutting through all your tummy muscles is more crazy to your body than pushing a baby out the other way. Either way, girl, you are going to rock it! I can't wait to see those lovely girlies! And does this mean that you are going to stay at home full-time with the babies (at least for a bit)?

    1. Yep. Full time mommy for me! I'm excited for you to meet them too. And I'll finally get to meet I-Man as well!

  3. I'm smiling, crying, and laughing, Laurel. I love you. Isn't life interesting?

  4. I had a C-Section, Laurel. It was totally fine. My recovery wasn't bad. I'd say it was somewhere around 4-6 weeks before I felt normal again. The advantage is that you don't have the 6 weeks of postpartum bleeding that most women have because they just suck it all out when they do the surgery :) So that was nice. I am totally fine and normal now and having baby #2 in January, when I will probably have another c-section.

    You are not less of a woman for having one (if indeed that is the case for you.) What really matters is that you do what is safest for both you and your babies. If they are head down and ready to come out the natural way, do it that way. If they are not, the safest thing for all of you will be a c-section. Like I said: safety for all three of you is #1 and sometimes a c-section is absolutely the safest way to go so no one is seriously injured (or worse!)

    I only had one baby. I know two is a whole different ball game. But c-section recovery isn't terrible. The scar is tiny. They make it as small as possible. The surgery isn't scary. What is scary is that parenthood is imminent! You'll be a mom just moments after you get into the operating room! You are awake the whole time. The doctors and nurses keep you posted on everything they are doing. They don't keep it a big mystery. It is quick and painless during the procedure and voila: your babies are there.

    They take good care of you in the hospital. They have to push gently on your tummy from time to time. And they tell you how to best care for yourself. You'll still be able to lift your babies and love on them. You'll still be able to nurse them normally. C-sections are totally fine.

    So good luck either way!!! You're almost there!!!

    P.S. My advice about them? Don't overdo it when you get home or when you are on the pain meds! You might feel okay and like you can putter around and clean and do chores etc... but you can't!!! Let others totally wait on you for at least 3 weeks. Do nothing but take care of your babies eating and sleeping and diapers. It really does take your body a while to heal and if you overdo it right after a c-section by trying to walk too much or do too many chores around the house it will take longer for recovery.
    P.P.S. Don't be frustrated by your body or worry that you'll never be normal again. You will be. I PROMISE!
    P.P.P.S. That advice is only good if you have a c-section. I have no advice about having babies the other way ;)

  5. Glad to see your already raising soccer players!

    I haven't had a c-section, but I've certainly seen and assisted on a few from the other end of the table, as well as part of the NICU team catching the babies. I haven't talked to a mother yet who despised the whole ordeal. Yes, it may take longer to recover, but remember its the safest thing for you and the babies and that's what is important. Just be prepared that once you have a c - section, you'll may have to have c-sections for future deliveries.

  6. Good for you hitting the pool...I wish I had one close to my house and I would do the same, it sounds relaxing! As I am counting down the days to my 5th C-section (9 days to go) I have a few words of advice. The best thing about my experience with them is I get to schedule and have the date all planned out. (of course they may choose to come early, but I haven't experienced that) My best advice would be:
    1. They will want you to get up and walk around the next day at the hospital. Yes it is not fun and is very unpleasant but you just have to do it! With my first one they were busy and didn't come very often to make me walk, and I didn't know the importance of it.
    2. Don't try to be tough....stay on top of your pain meds. You will be sorry if you get behind on the pain meds, catching up is rough.
    3. Take it easy...let others help out.

    As I read thru the other comments, one said you didn't have to worry about the post partum bleeding, not so in my experiences.

    With my first baby I was "lucky" enough to experience the whole "normal" delivery except the actual delivery of the baby. I don't recommend going thru both.
    I was in the delivery room with Cara when she had Dallin and it was pretty amazing. But I must say every time Ive had a baby via C-section it is just as amazing. The route is different but non-the-less amazing. When they pull that little one(s) out it is amazing!!!

    Which ever way it goes for you it will be amazing and you will do great!

  7. I love this post...I wish I lived closer so I could go swim with you and help you plan out and of course meet the little ones!!! Depending on the family situation I will work on a trip to Arkansas soon!!

  8. I have been thinking about you and this post for days. I felt like I needed to come back and tell you a few things that you are more than free to completely ignore. :-) I am 100% not trying to tell you what to do, but in my experience maternity care providers are not always completely forthcoming about birth options. Here is a little bit I've learned over the years, and what I'd do if I were in your place (which, of course, I'm not, so just take or leave what I have to say and make the decision that feels right for your family).

    1. Chiropractic care (specifically the Webster technique) and the website may be good resources to help encourage your girls to flip. They might be stubborn, but it might be worth a shot.

    2. On its own (no complications), a breech baby is not necessarily an indication for an automatic c-section, even for a first-time mom. A provider experienced in vaginal breech birth is crucial, but they are out there. Now, since you are a first-time mom with twins, even I might not think it's a good idea to try for a vaginal birth if both girls remain breech. I'd probably go for the c-section if they both refuse to turn.

    3. If you choose a planned c-section, might I suggest a planned-but-not-scheduled surgery? I truly believe that it is very important for the health of almost all babies (obviously, there are exceptions) to let them choose their own birthdays. As long as there are no complications, you could choose to wait until you go into labor on your own and then head to the hospital for a c-section. (There are definitely situations where a scheduled c-section is the best option, like in the case of your friend in the other comment who is having her 5th c-section, or in the case of placenta previa or other complications. But yours may or may not be one of those situations.)

    4. Doctors and midwives with experience in vaginal breech birth say that the easiest breech in the world is a second twin. If Baby A turns vertex but Baby B stays breech, you might consider trying to find a doctor with vaginal breech experience who would be willing to attend your birth. Besides, there is a decent chance that a breech Baby B might turn vertex in the extra space after Baby A is born.

    Again, ignore this if you want. This is a decision that only you can make. I am glad that you have come to terms with the idea of a c-section birth. I just wanted you to know that there might be other options out there if you choose to look. All my best to you. I am so excited for you!